Seminar “Loss prevention in investment and construction projects.” 13.12.2018

Seminar “Loss prevention in investment and construction projects.”

On December 12, 2018 the Moscow regional office of the public organization "Business Russia" organized seminar “Loss prevention in investment and construction projects.”

Theoretical basis and visual presentation and methods of addressing traps and pitfalls in construction business were shown by real cases in the following areas:

  • Expert Discovery: minimization and detecting of corporate fraud losses (forensic investigation in construction)
  • Bernasconi ( digital design and optimization of losses at the designing stage
  • National Endowment for Effective Construction ( digital construction management
  • Vorotnikov and Partners ( legal risk management and settlement of disputes through the pre-trial process and legal proceedings

The efforts of each of the above teams are focused on minimizing any losses that may occur in investment and construction projects. Is it possible to construct in due time, in a Russian context, a project that would meet the highest world standards? The seminar participants, including big business leaders, could get answers to this and other questions as to how avoid construction problems and - what is equally important – reduce construction costs by 20% or more.

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