Forensic. Corporate Fraud Investigation & Compliance

Financial Investigations

Investigation into fraud, corruption, noncompliance with company policies and procedures, and other wrongful acts.

Investigation into non-compliance with requirements of Russian and international anticorruption laws (US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act), as well as requirements of the laws on combating laundering of illegally gained income and financing of terrorism.

Background checks on employees, business partners and other interested parties to detect potential financial, reputational, corruption, and other risks, including unwanted affiliation.

Investigation in the interests of minority shareholders

Investigation of the wrongful activity or inactivity of majority investors that was not coordinated with minority shareholders resulting in damage to the latter (e.g. failure to pay dividends) through:
  • investing in the opportunist projects without evident feasibility study;
  • application/withdrawing of funds on terms discriminating the interests of minority shareholders;
  • making intentional financial errors;
  • direct use of investment resources for purposes not agreed upon with minority shareholders.
Investigation in the interests of minority shareholders generally includes the following procedures:
  • detection of facts corroborating wrongful activity or inactivity of majority shareholders resulting in damage to the minority shareholders;
  • estimation of eventual damage;
  • determination of fair market value of minority share with an allowance for eventual damage;
  • assistance in transactions for redeeming minority share on terms maximally approximate to the offered terms, both through trial and pretrial procedures.

Assets Tracing and Recovery

  • Tracing assets that have been lost due to fraud in different jurisdictions.
  • Investigation into dissipating of assets.
  • Assistance in the recovery of lost assets through legal proceedings in different jurisdictions.

Forensic Data Analytics

  • Development of customized forensic data analytic tests.
  • Searching for hidden or unknown relationships and regularities in a large amount of company’s in-house data to determine a scope of detailed investigation.
  • Selection of company-specific combinations of subsequent financial investigation procedures.

Risk Management and Compliance

  • Diagnostics of available and/or a brand new effort in developing a new fraud or corruption risk management system in a company.
  • Diagnostics of available and/or a brand new effort in developing a new program to test compliance with laws.

Assistance in Litigations

  • Accounting, financial and economic expert examination in the course of judicial and extrajudicial proceedings in partnership with in-house and outside lawyers.
  • Testifying as experts in economic disputes.
  • Carrying out other types of expert examination applicable to economic disputes (e.g., handwriting examination or computer examination).

Forensic Technologies

  • Duplication of mobile device images with the following analysis of the contained data.
  • Collection and analysis of evidence and artefacts on the internet as part of supporting judicial inquiries and proceedings.

Hot Line Services

  • Diagnostics of available hot line and/or a brand new effort in developing a new internal client hot line (fraud and corruption matters).
  • Comprehensive services of an independent, anonymous and confidential hot line.
  • Independent inquiry based on client-provided hot line data.