Pharmaceutical & Life Science Forensic. A new forensic product. 19.04.2016

Pharmaceutical & Life Science Forensic. A new forensic product.

Expert Discovery has launched a new forensic product for Pharma producers and Health Care Facilities (HCF) – «Pharmaceutical & Life Science Forensic».

Pharmaceutical and life science branch can be rightly regarded as a ‘champion’ at involving personnel in economic crimes. Indeed, the so-called fraud statistics looks not comfortable. In particular, according to WHO estimates, over 7% of the world’s annual health-care spending are lost due to fraud and medical errors, and according to National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (USA), up to 25% of the world’s annual expenditures for state procurement of pharmaceuticals are lost due to fraud and corruption.

In addition to traditional approaches and instruments that are used to implement fraud management and anticorruption efforts in pharmaceuticals industry and health care, the Expert Discovery team applies forensic methods such as

  • Customized FDA (Forensic Data Analytics) tests that make it possible to restrict the perimeter for the subsequent detailed investigation;
  • Analysis of the affiliation of employees and contractors (including social media analysis);
  • Computer forensics including analysis of integration and access rights for internal databases and accounting systems.

Product services are available in three main areas:

  • Forensic Diagnostics for Pharma Producers and Distributors;
  • Forensic Diagnostics for Health Care Facilities (HCF);
  • Compliance Services, and Fraud, Corruption and Regulatory Risk Management Services.
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